Primrose Design creates spaces for your lifestyle.

You Live Here. We Just Visit. 

Small House


A properly designed small space can be large in style.  With a place for everything and everything in place, room flow, and luxurious materials can make a small house a castle. 


We understand that a kitchen is not just a place to cook.  It is where the family congregates.  Its where we entertain.      Its where we often start our day. Why not truly enjoy the place where you make your eggs. 



The bathroom is often the sanctuary of the house.  A place not only to shower, but a place to collect one thoughts, plan out your day.  Why not do this in your own personal spa.

Living Spaces

Rooms that we live in, work in, sleep in, all have different functions in your house.  We work with you to maximize these spaces for how you live.

A coastal artists retreat 

Our Leucadia client was downsizing.  Moving from a Mid Century masterpiece in Sherman Oaks to a 500sf prefab cottage blocks away from the Pacific Ocean.  The brief was simple: maximize the space through custom built in storage, an open floor plan that still offered privacy and tons of California light for drawing and painting.  Choice of materials was paramount in transforming the space into a jewel box.  Unconventional appliances, such as refrigeration column and a washer/dryer combo, were sourced to fit the space and be tailored to our clients to needs.       



A bathroom to conduct your business in.


Our Point Loma client approached us with a unique proposition: a bathroom she could hold meetings in.  Having read that Cher also took on this practice, we were thrilled to take on the challenge.  The space was considered with all the amenities of a luxury bathroom with the versatility of a meeting space.  The client, a C level PR executive, travels constantly and wanted to maximize her time at home.



A place to cook, a place to gather.


With two school age kids with lots of activities, our Del Mar client needed a kitchen that would serve many needs.  It is the heart of the house.  Along with meals, it is where the family gathers to do homework, plan out their day and be together.  Lots of natural light was a must.  Plenty of storage space so that everything would have its place and reduce potential clutter.   



A Boutique Hotel Bathroom for the Master Bedroom


One of the most wonderful accolades we received from a client was a call we received from them while they were staying at upscale island resort on how much they missed their own bathroom.  Natural themes adds warmth to the sunlit drenched space.  A flat screen television is seemlessly intagrated so that the markets can be monitored as our client drifts off in his whirlpool bath.